Are you ready to put your brand in front of new buyers by partnering with influencers ?

This Influencer Course was made just for you.

We know that influencer marketing can boost your website traffic, sky rocket your sales and increase the number of conversations happening around your brand on social media. Many brands today are using this type of strategy but that doesn’t mean that they are all getting it right.

Since the pandemic social media has become the center stage of this tactic, and it’s changing at such a fast pace, there is a lot left to learn about how and why it works.

In this course, you will learn...

  • How to identify influencers to work with

  • The right questions to ask influencers to build a relationship

  • Confidently increase your impact, income, and influence online.

We know influencer marketing isn't easy...

We can't promise you that it will be either. What we know are guaranteed strategies that show you how to navigate your journey learning the benefits of influencer marketing.

Don't waste your time trying to figure out the knowledge that has taken us years to learn, along with years of trial and error. This training will prepare you to find the influencers you need to collaborate with and the tools you need to get them to say "yes" when it is time to work with your brand.

Are you ready to learn the winning formula?

This course was created for the busy entrepreneur.

  • The aspiring or current entrepreneur that wants to increase brand awareness

  • The Brand owner who is seeking influencers but unsure of what to look for

  • Those individuals struggling to get your brand in front of others using your own marketing efforts

  • Lifetime Access to the entire framework for building a brand from your mobile device and monetizing your brand.

  • Free Updates whenever techniques, tools change or new strategies become available

  • Direct Access to Be Social and Brand online Community

Meet Your Instructor

Danekia Smith:
Brand and Social Media Maven

A former corporate America employee, who has a ton of experience within the financial and fraud industry, public speaking, career and educational development.

The opportunity of true entrepreneurship within the network marketing industry allowed her to walk away from her job within 6 months. She has built a very successful personal brand online and has generated over half a million dollars in income.

She has been able to leverage social media, incorporate all of her skills and now teaches others how to build their brand from their mobile device even if you know nothing about marketing.

Bonus Material Inside

  • Templates

    Getting Influencers to work with you isn't just an ask, you need to know what and how to say to get an Influencer to say, "Yes!" Influencer Pitch Templates.

  • Workbook

    Easy to follow along guide to use while completing the lesson.